Hobbymat MD65 with variable speed control

Late 2015 I bought a second-hand Hobbymat MD65 lathe. This is a nice addition to the tools I have.


Those lathes are driven by a fixed speed 0,25kW, Single Phase, 220VAC motor.
Because I needed variable speeds I did some research to make it possible.

Motor   Gears

Finding a smal 0,18kW 3 phase motor and a inverter drive on the net, for under 100 euro was funny.

Adding control switches from Ebay I thought I would give it a Go !


The inverter is a Moeller DF5-322 0,37kW.


To make it work I needed a PC interface to get all the parameters of the drive on the correct settings.
The Moeller interfaces I found where way to expencive.


Finding a RS232 - RS422 interface on Ebay for 4 euro and connecting it to the inverter with a network cable I made it work.


Well, the result is below and it works great !

Now it was possible to make new pulleys for the belt drive

Configurating   Configurating

And the result till now.............


Want to see it spinning? Check my YouTube channel !