13 channel Data Logger with clock

The need of a better data logger than my first creation, made me create a 13 channel SD-card logger with TFT display.





My old 4 Channel Data logger:


A while back, I needed to create a unit for logging data. After searching the Internet I found a way to control a SD Card with a PIC MCU. SD Cards use 3V3 so I used a PIC18LF13K50 to control it.

The measured values where written to the SD-card in a raw way, filling the sectors directly.The only way to get a view of the data was to read it in a PC with a serial link.

This transfer could take up to 3 hours and was to long.


My next data logger is based on a PIC18F4620 controlling a TFT display and has FAT firmware for SD-card writes. Also, a digital clock module is installed. The casing is completely printed on 3DDIE.




The number of channels, the measuring delay, a start trigger and the time stamps are completely configurable by a menu.



All inputs can work at different voltages, set by jumpers.



Because of the FAT sd-card firmware, the files written with the measured data, is easely read in any SD-card reader by a PC or laptop.
I wrote a small VB6 application for making the data viewable. The window is resizable.



Each file sector has a time stamp. This is shown above the data



The TFT screen is a module with a SD-card socket, bought on Ebay.
The clock module was also obtained on Ebay.